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Dog Bath Silicone Brush

Dog Bath Silicone Brush

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Introducing the all-new Dog Bath Silicone Brush

This magical silicone brush for your pet - is the perfect solution for you, when you are looking to give your furry friend a gentle and relaxing bath.

Our brush features:

  • An innovative silicone airbag brush head, designed to be soft on your pup’s fur while effectively cleaning and removing dirt and debris.
  • The silicone bristles provide a rich foam that perfectly lathers your pet's coat.
  • Also promoting a healthy scalp environment free of irritations or damage caused by traditional brushing methods.
  • The brush's built-in massage function helps soothe your pet during bath time.
  • It as well includes a handy shampoo box. Making it easier than ever to keep your pup clean and looking its best.

Get yours today and give your furry friend the superior care they deserve!




Material: Silicone

Size: 7 * 7 * 4cm.

Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.393inch.

Package Included: 1 Dog Bath Silicone Brush.

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