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Reusable Pet Fur Catcher

Reusable Pet Fur Catcher

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Your laundry routine just got easier and more efficient with Reusable Pet Fur Catcher!

Designed to make your laundry experience as smooth as possible, these fur catchers will help you remove pet hair before it gets stuck in the filters of your washing machine. This reusable product is perfect for households with pets that shed fur.

The two or four-pack comes with filter balls specially designed to be placed inside the washing machine drum to trap pet hair before it builds up in your filters. These filter balls are easy to use and reused many times. Not only does this save money by removing the need for frequent filter replacements, but it also keeps your laundry appliance running smoothly and efficiently.

Make laundry a cinch every time, buy Reusable Pet Fur Catcher today! 

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